Things You Must Know About Corticosteroids!

If you just searched in Google for steroids side effects or corticosteroids side effects then you are at the right place as we will be discussing corticosteroids in this post in detail.

Corticosteroids are man-made steroids. They are said to be like a hormone present in your body, known as cortisol. Things You Must Know About Corticosteroids! Corticosteroids are good for the immune system and it relieves the Inflammation.

Asteroids help to cure many types of medical conditions including allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, arthritis, cancer, etc. Corticosteroids are not like anabolic steroids which are generally used by athletes.

What forms can Corticosteroids be taken in?

Corticosteroids are taken in various forms including eye drop, Inhalation, ear drop, an oral pill, topical cream, etc. Some of the commonly used corticosteroids to treat these issues include Sterapred, Cortisone, Medrol, Orapred, Medrol, etc.

Corticosteroids Side Effects :

Corticosteroids are good for treatment of various health conditions but it also possesses various side effects which you need to take care into consideration. The side effects depend upon the dosage, individual age, individual health, the duration for the intake of the drug, etc. Some of the common corticosteroids side effects include Frequent urination, weight gain, muscle weakness, stunted growth, increased thirst, increased hunger, swelling, vaginll infections, skin infections, upset stomach, Acne, easy bruising, increased body hair, sleeping problems, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking Corticosteroids :

If you are having corticosteroids, and notice any sign of fever, infection, throat, etc then you should immediately inform your doctor. Don’t think about getting vaccinated while you are taking corticosteroids without consulting with your doctor.

Your doctor should be aware of your medical conditions before you start consumption of corticosteroid. Some conditions can be diabetes, any type of disease (liver, heart, kidney), thyroid disorder, Tuberculosis, Osteoporosis, etc.

In short, get fully examined by the doctor and present every necessary detail before you start using corticosteroid


Conclusion :

Things You Must Know About Corticosteroids! We hope that the post would have helped you to know about the different steroids side effects. Steroids are something which you should be taken in consultation with a good doctor or physician.